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Ridgeview Bonnie Lass 

Scottish Fold Silver classic Tabby

Bonnie, was born at Ridgeview to our beautiful Hallelujah (Halle).

She was in a chunky litter of 4 and i knew right from day one that she was a keeper. Her markings are sensational and simply perfect, she has great definition in tone from her silver to her black and as her little ears began to fold I couldn't have been happier! Bonnie has been the introduction of silver classic tabby into my Scottish line with the amazing attributes from her Gold Double Grand Champion father "Martin."

Bonnie is a independent soul who loves to explore the gardens by herself and has a few select friends with whom she likes to mingle. She loves cuddles and is the most stunning classic tabby Ive seen.

We are very blessed to have her with us at Ridgeview Cattery.

Bonnie also carries the LG gene and has blessed us with some stunning longhaired babies. DNA tested clear for FIV, Felv and full screen gentic diseases PKD ect


Scottish Fold

Hallelujah British Shorthair Classic Silver Tabby

Halle is the most affectionate loving girl, she adores being picked up and cuddled she loves a chat and is a great mummy. Again thankyou so much to her breeder for allowing this girl to become part of our lives. 

This beautiful girl is the most amazing mother and has kittens that are very confident and outgoing and love affection, they literally follow us around the home wanting cuddles, Halle has amazing Classic Tabby markings and has produced us some amazing kittens.

Her eyes are like a cat model, with her green eyes surrounded by dark black eyeliner, the silver tabbies certainly are very affectionate and a real pleasure to have amongst us. Tested for hereditary diseases, pkd and many more, blood tested for FIV Felv clear.

*Halles sire to the right....

Classic Silver Tabby

 Arabella British Shorthair Blue carrying Chocolate

Arabella is a very light blue girl, whom we bred at Ridgeview, She has a very affectionate personality and having grown up here adores the dogs and all the children, at night she can be found on one of the children's bed purring away loudy, Arabella has beautiful wide round eyes that are a lovely deep copper colour, she love to play outside in the cat garden and loves to try to catch the  fish in the pond! she loves water also and will often splash in the pond and doesn't mind her bath at all.

Arabella carries the Chocolate gene and will be mated to a Lilac stud and we are very excited to see what she will produce, with no doubt of stunning coat, type and eye colour, and a personality hard to find in British shorthairs.

Arabella has been DNA tested and is clear for hereditary diseases pkd ect and blood tested for FIV Felv clear.  *Pictured at 4mths old and 7 months old months old


Ridgeview Paisley

 chocolate point Scottish Fold

This beautiful Chocolate colour point girl was the result of a stunning mating between Martin and Gemma.

Paisley is the sweetest girl who is just a delight to have in our home, she has that beautiful quirky Scottish personality and always makes us laugh!

Paisley is a beautifully balanced girl with very tightly folded ears and a lovely plush coat.

With Paisley giving us so many colour options to continue in our Scottish fold breeding program we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have been blessed with such a beautiful girl with outstanding temperament and type.

I wil continue to update her pictures as she grows so you can share with us this beautiful darkening of her chocolate colour points, Her father and mother have both contributed their best genetics to this little sweetheart and she has a large robust structure with a nice flat face and good sized tails and skeletal structure.

Her blue eyes are a striking feature of the colour points and everyone who meets her loves her immediately!

Lilac British Shorthair

Blue British Shorthair

Ridgeview Alissa & Ridgeview Demi

British Shorthair

Beautiful sisters Ridgeview Alissa and Ridgeview Demi are growing up beautifully They were born from the mating between Diablo and Arabella at the beginning of 2018 and they are just the most beautiful girls.

Both girls have a lovely nature and have grown up in our home with children and our dogs. Alyissa loves a cuddle and will actively seek you out for attention, Demi loves he feline friends more than she loves her human slaves but once she is encouraged she soon relaxes into your arms for a cuddle.

Alissa and Demi delighted the vets with their ever charming personalities and everyone who meets them comment on their amazing plush coats, Alissa is my very first home bred Lilac British Shorthair. I have had a few Lilacs in my Scottish lines but this is my first little keeper in my British for lilacs.

demi 1.jpg

Ridgeview Freya

British Shorthair Blue Bi colour

This beautiful girl was born here and is just a laugh a day! she is so funny, loves to explore adore climbing and just loves to be outside. She has a lovely deep copper Gold eye colour and a perfect blue and white bi colour marking. This girl can really eat and will push other out of the way to get to the meat!  Her mother is Pure Indulgence and her father is Diablo, she carries  the Chocolate gene and also the cinnamon gene. She is an amazing and protective mother to her babies. pictured here at 12 mths old.

Freya is a talkative girl and is very vocal, she loves the dogs and the children and is very spirited. She loves to play and this isnt changing as she ages at all! young at heart always!

Freya is very clever and loves to excersise her mind with different toys and games she likes games involving her discovering how to get food out of different toys ect, such a clever girl.

Freya is DNA tested clear of genetic diseases, pkd ect and blood tested for FIV, Felv.

freya 2.jpg

Keturah Kimberly

British Shorthair, Blue

Kimberly came to me in 2018.  She is a huge girl with lovely conformation and will bring size to my females. Kimberly is a very affectionate girl but isn't fussed on other cats and is a bit bossy when it comes to dinner time! but she is all growl! we put the plates of meat down and she will growl her way through dinner! she thinks this will get her all the meat to herself! the other cats now know she is all talk and eat off her plate at the same time and just listen to her growling! she is very affectionate, loves to be brushed and patted and is a good mum.

Kimberly Is a solid blue and has lovely gold eye colour and a deep dark blue dense coat.  We are awaiting a litter from Kimberly in 2019 


Ridgeview Princess Luna
British Shorthair, Blue Cream Tortie

Luna is our beautiful home made Blue Cream Torte shell princess whom is just the prettiest cat Ive set eyes on!

She was in a litter of 3 kittens born to Freya and Sebastian. Luna was a chunky kitten who just took my heart from the start!

I have big plans for Luna in our coloured british breeding program and im super excited to see what she brings to our british.

Luna is extremely friendly and loves cuddles, loves to follow me about my daiy house chores and loves to play! she has a very deep gold eye colour and a great structure. she is still small and hoping she grows to a good solid size with age.


Playing with mum



Crossy is a completely new line to us and has come from a beautiful home interstate. She is a lovely girl with beautiful personality and stunning looks to match. Crossy is a lilac cream and is a genetic shorthair. Crossy loves affection and attention and goes out of her way to have cuddles. she is equally independent and has quickly taken one of the top spots in the pecking order here.

I have lined Crossy up with our new liac stud also a genetic shrthair and will be keeping from this mating. Exciting times.


Lilac Cream British             Shorthair


Ridgeview Riley

Our beautiful Riley is daughter of  Ricky and Demi. Riley has a lovely big head for a femal and look sthe image of her father, Riley is a Solid blue and Carrier of Chocolate. She has a lovely thick plush coat and  lovely golden eyes.

I have big plans for Riley hoping to show her within the next 2 years and also to cross her to Rugrat to breed some lovely round faced kittens. She has a lovely nature and loves to follow me around, she lets me know if im not giving her enough attention and loves to play outside in the cat garden. Riley is pictured here as a kitten at 10 weeks old and then in the garden pictures at 7 months old


Ridgeview Maeve

Maeve Is our beautiful Lilac girl with the most stunning deep golden orange eyes I've ever seen. Maeve is the daughter of Ricky and Demi.

 Maeve has a beautiful personality and is curious and eager to learn all about the outside world in the garden. Her curiosity saw her first garden adventure lead her straight into the fish pond! Gosh sis she get a shock! needless to say she hasn't done this again since but also still loves to explore the garden each day and loves to think she may even be able to catch a bird or to if only there wasn't a fence between them. Maeve has the most lovely dark copper eyes and I look forward to watching her grow an become the big beautiful girl she is maturing into. She has her Dads big boofy head and lovely dense coat and great size.

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