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Ridgeview Velvet Rose  Ridgeview Sandstorm Lilac British Shorthairs

Rosie and Sandstorm are our home grown babies that are almost identical sisters. these two stunning girls are like twins. they are born out of Alissa and Rugrat. Both girls are solid Lilac and carry chocolate gene and colour point gene.

Bother girls are DNA tested clear of all hereditary diseases and Blood tested clear for FIV fELV.

Rosie is the more energetic sister with boundless energy to play and also very various, she loves all the other cats and sometimes is a little too playful for their liking! Sandy is more reserved and likes to play outside and has always seemed very mature for her age, she does come more alive at night and is good friends with Aria they love to hide in the tree tops and love to chase balls. Both girls have beautiful coats and lovely eyes. Sandy has a flatter face so we will be mating her to Ricky or Viking and not adding her into out Scottish program yet as our Scottish already have very round flat faces so wont double uo on the gene. I'm really excited to see their babies and welcome some pretty colour point babies to Ridgeveiw again. Pictured here at 7mths old

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