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All kittens and cats remain the property of Ridgeview Cattery until payment has been made in FULL.

All deposits are non refundable unless the cat or kitten is withdrawn from sale by Ridgeview Cattery. There will be no refund of deposits for change of minds or any other situation.

While all due care is taken when a cats or kitten fly interstate and overseas Ridgeview Cattery is NOT responsible for any sickness caught while travelling or any injury sustained while in transit.

ALL our cats have been screened for genetic diseases and tested clear for FIV FelV

* Please note that once your baby leaves us we can no longer guarantee and are no longer responsible or liable for their health, this includes FIV, FelV, Cat Flu and other transmittable viruses and diseases. This applies also to any injury the kitten/cat may occur while NOT in our care. All kittens sold as pets are desexed or to be desexed per the kitten desexing contracts emailed out, or as arranged with Ridgeview Cattery before deposit has been made.

If you choose to disregard our advice and information given throughout this website and on the information sheets given to you,  Ridgeview Cattery will not be held responsible for any Vet Bills, death, disability permanent or temporary illness/ disease associated with the kitten/ cat purchased from Ridgeview Cattery.

We trust that you will go to such measures as we have to ensure the health and happiness of your new pet.

Please always seek veterinary advice if needed.




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