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Gypsy Lass British Shorthair Blue Blotched Tabby

Retired 2016

Arriving from Adelaide another beautiful addition to our Silver breeding program.

Gypsy is Halles mother, so proud to have them both at Ridgeview Cattery. Very affectionate and loving girl with a beautiful personality.

The Silver Classic Tabbies will also give us smokes in black and blue and also solid colour and tabby babies.

Gypsy loves nothing more than a beautiful warm cuddle on the bed at night, she is a very affectionate girl that would happily be an only cat as long as she had a lot of human companionship, Gypsy is good with dogs and is a very easy going cat, great with the children and this passes onto her kittens. Tested for hereditary diseases, pkd and more, blood tested for FIV Felv clear.

Gypsy has gone to live with my Aunty and just loves to laze about these days.

Gemma  British Shorthair Blue carrying Chocolate

(now retired)

Gemma is the most affectionate big blue british girl we have had come to us :)

she has the roundest most beautiful eyes and loves dogs! Gemma is a big girl and comes to us from Tasmania.  Gemma is the most fantastic pet and will retire after a short time with us. Gemma will do well with an older couple or single person as she likes the quiet life,

Gemma carries the Chocolate gene and is a Genetic Shorthair.

Gemma has been DNA tested for genetic diseases and traits and also blood tested for FIV Felv and tested clear.

Gemma has given us some beautiful babies and a stunning daughter in Arabella.

This Beautiful big cream boy has come from the most loving home and his temperament is a true compliment to his last owner, he is the most amazing boy that just adores cuddles, loves to be picked up and loves the dogs and children.

Sebastian is a solid cream boy who has been DNA tested clear of genetic diseases blood tested clear of FIV and FelV

Sebastian carries the chocolate gene and we look forward to seeing this huge boys kittens in the near future. He loves to spend warm days near the fish pond in the sun and Im sure he has no idea what the fish are meant for as he aimlessly swats at the water like he is trying to slowly touch them, this boy is gracious and calm in everything he does, such a handsome young boy.

Finney Olimpic Gold  (Cream British Shorthair)


Blue Willow Blue and White Bi Colour Carrying Cinnamon

(now retired)


Willow came to us from interstate as a young cat. Willow is an imported cat originating from Lativa.

Willow is a very friendly girl, who love affection, she brings to us a stunning asset of Cinnamon! Cinnamon is still a very rare colour in British Shorthairs in Australia. Willow carries this gene as will allow us to one day produce Cinnamon kittens! We are very excited about this prospect

Willow has recently given us a stunning litter of 4 beautiful girls one who is Lilac and also carries Cinnamon, this is very exciting for us that this has now been passed along yet another generation at Ridgeview.

Willow has tested clear for FIV Felv and negative for Genetic diseases.

Pure Indugence - Misha Blue Cream and White Carrying Chocolate

(Now Retired)

Misha Came to us from Intersate. She brings colour into our British Shorthairs with her beautiful cream and also carrying Chocolate.

Misha was very scared when she first came to us she had only recently weaned kittens and was very underweight.

With love and attention Misha is trusting us alot more and is a lovely girl who wants to be close to you and feel loved.

Misha is a large framed cat that has big round eyes and a love short dense coat.

Misha will allow us to have blue cream kittens, solid cream, and also lilac creams.

Misha is a genetic shorthair and has tested clear for FIV Felv and clear on DNA genetic profile testing.

Ridgeview Hazel  Tabby Bi Colour Scottish Fold


Hazel is full sister and litter mate to Paisley. Hazel is a a beautiful spotted tabby bi coloured girl who looks a lot like her Sire Martin, she has a very nice wide head with stunning eyes and a beautiful strong Scottish structure.

Hazel will continue the stunning tabby colour in our Scottish Breeding program and allow us to continue with our large structured Scotts with great temperament and Type.

Hazel loves the outdoors from a very young age she was continually watching the other cats when they had time in the outdoor cat gardens and would eagerly ask to be let out as soon as she got the chance, she loves to play with the fish in the fish pond and enjoys her time climbing the big trees in the gardens, she isn't at all afraid of water and will often run right under the garden hose if Im watering the trees!

She is great company for any other cat isn't fussy on who she hangs out with and likes to be near the dogs.

We look forward to keeping you updated on this stunning girls progress with us.

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