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Please note some of these cats on  our website have since retired from showing and breeding I hope you enjoy seeing our progress

DBGRCH (Double Grand Champion) Boysrbackintown aka Marty
Tabby Bi Colour Scottish Fold

What can I say that pictures haven't already told you?

This beautiful big boy was awaited for a long time and we were so very blessed that his beautiful experienced breeder trusted us enough to let this stunning boy come to Queensland to live with us.

This beautiful boy has had a very successful show career and is now a Double Grand Champion, Congratulations to his breeder and all the hard work she has put in over the years.

We look forward to spending a lifetime with this beautiful soul.

Tested Clear for PKD Hereditary diseases and FIV, Felv Negative.

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 Tricky Ricky British Shorthair Blue carrying Chocolate

update pics coming 2023

Ricky Came to me from Tasmania, From a very experienced Breeder who I have had contact with over the years. Ricky is the most beautiful cuddly boy who just loves to cuddle and I'm so excited to watch him grow he is currently 11 moths old and I look forward to seeing this big boy blossom.

Ricky has been DNA tested and is clear of PKD and hereditary diseases. He also blood tested clear for FIV FELV and is a lovely happy healthy boy that I am  very grateful to have here with me. Picture will be updated as he grows


Bruno Lilac British Shorthair Genetic SH carries Colour Point

Big Bruno, What an amazing boy! This boy would happily be cuddled all day long! he delights in human attention is so gentle and just so calm. He made a very long journey to be with me at Ridgeview and I'm extremely grateful for him. He has settled in very quickly and this is a great credit to his past owner. Bruno blesses us with his plush coat and beautiful deep golden eyes with great bone structure and a large round head.

Bruno had tested negative to FIV and Felv via blood tests. Bruno has been DNA tested for genetic disease and traits showing us he is a genetic shorthair and a colour point carrier. He is a delight and I'm truly looking forward to seeing his babies this season. 


update pics coming

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